Responsible Travel

As an environmentally responsible company, Magnolia Travel concentrate on win-win relationship between travelers and local communities by minimizing the negative impacts and maximizing positive impacts on the places you visit.

What does Magnolia Travel provide?

  • Small group tour – The smaller group you join, the more experienced you get. We will travel and eat with local people, stay in smaller, familyrun hotels or homestays and visit places inaccessible to larger groups and reveal authentic local culture. On every tour there’s a balance between group activities and personal time for you to explore independently or relax as you like. Especially, Magnolia Travel can reduce impacts on the environment with small group.
  • Private Tour – Everything is customized for you which is bespoke, personal and unique. Choosing your departure date, how long you stay and desired activities that fit your level of enthusiasm and budget. With 24 hours support, recommended itinerary and accommodation will be sent you by our expert local knowledge.
  • Pilgrimage Tour – especial tour of Magnolia Travel in 2020. Religious sites are not only visited by the pilgrims but also visited by nonreligious tourists since they have cultural, historical and religious significance.

What did Magnolia Travel do?

  • Collaborating with local guides – You can not only be discovered more about local people, culture or landscapes, but also offer better working conditions and higher income.  
  • Leaving footprint – When it is convenient, Magnolia Travel suggests hiring a bike or walking which is a fantastic way to meaningful connect with local people and decrease pollution and carbon emissions.
  • Cooperating with local restaurant – Traditional foods served by local restaurant is closely connect with country’s heritage. You can contribute significantly to local business and enhance their quality life.   
  • Ecomaterial souvenirs – We choose handmade products which made by bamboo or wooden from artisans as memorable gifts for you.
  • Community projects – When it is possible, local conversations or social projects are always advised combing with your tour.
  • Promoting infamous and uncrowded destinations – Magnolia Travel always introduces new destinations to our travelers. Based on it, you will have enjoyable memories about crosscultural, feel comfortable and especially spread the economic benefits.
  • Working with smallerscale locally owned accommodation – Magnolia Travel prefers counselling local homestays or ecofriendly, green and boutique hotels for you as accommodations.
  • Avoiding the vulnerable exploitation including women, children, animals and endangered species during our tour.
  • Respecting social, culture and religions – We always provide guidelines on how to respect it on each tour. So, do not worry and just enjoy your holiday!
  • Encouraging responsible travel – Magnolia Travel inspire our suppliers, partners and travelers to achieve sustainable goals and practices about responsible travel.