Inle Lake is not only a beautiful and wild lake, but also a place where the Inthar ethnic group has lived for thousand years. Inthar in Burmese means “people live on the lake”. Inle Lake does not have many sporadic attractions, everything is around the lake such as the cigar making village, the jewelry village or the village of long neck women. Vast and beautiful, Inle Lake is 13.5 miles in length and is home to 70,000 people. Magnolia Travel will list down things-to-do in here. We hope that this will help your trip in Myanmar. Please enjoy!

  1. Taking a boat ride

A slender long tail wooden boats which used by locals is the best way to explore this lake. Experiencing the silence and emptiness of the lake as dawn break is an absolute privilege as is watching local village life while floating by.

Most of the boat leave from Nyaungshwe, the closest town on the lake and its main access attractions.

  1. Watching the traditional and specific fishermen of Inle Lake

Local fishermen take their boats out of the lake every day and have a unique rowing styles that involves balancing on one foot while rowing with the other.

The boatman seems to know the tourist’ desire to see carefully this action, so they turn off the machine, float the boat until passing the fisherman.

  1. Visiting the long neck women of Kayan

The Kayan people is one of 135 ethic group in Myanmar. The practice starts as young children when rings are worn to deform the collar bones and upper ribs which, over time, creates the appearance of a stretched neck leading to a very distinctive look. It’s possible to see some of these women weaving cloth at the many crafts shops in the Inle Lake villages.

  1. Getting lost in Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda

Pagoda is known as the most highly revered monastery in Inle Lake where houses five Buddha images covered in gold leaf. A bsolutely breathtaking inside and out, the walls of the temple are decorated with the murals of Buddhist stories. At the center of the structure sits an ornate shrine with five small Buddha statues of great religious importance.

  1. Spending time in Shwe Yaunghwe Kyuang – Gate of Inle Lake

At around 11 o’clock every day, the monks gather to meditate, allowing visitors the opportunity to observe, or even to join in the meditation themselves. On the inside of the temple, walls are lined with thousands of tiny alcoves each containing a small Buddha statue.

  1. Celebrating a Burmese festival

You should take part in the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival, Myanmar’s largest festival. We came across one of the pagoda races which occur during the festival at one of the villages along the lake. The boats held around 20-30 men, all rowing with one leg as fast as they could down a stretch of water. It was a crazy spectacle to witness!

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