Hue – The Citadel By Night

Hue –  The Citadel By Night

Hue – The Citadel By Night

According to the authority of Hue, the citadel will be open at the evening (19h to 22h) from 22 April to 15 September.

Being the political capital during Nguyen dynasty (1802 – 1945), the citadel and the Forbidden city is one of the not-to-be-missed for any tourist in Vietnam. The program, so-called “the citadel by night” offers us the chance to admire the stunning panorama of an ancient Hue, from Ngo Mon gate (also called Midday gate, or South gate), Trung Dao bridge (at the entrance), Dien Tho palace (women’s palace), The Mieu (ancestor’s temple), Truong Sanh palace (at first it was the royal garden for panorama, then became place for mother and grand-mother of the king)… Tourists also have the opportunity to admire many royal ceremonies, like change-guards, royal music, martial art…

The travel companies, along with students and locals are privileged to promote for the program.

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