Hotels in Hanoi – How to choose your most suitable one

Hotels in Hanoi – How to choose your most suitable one

Hotels in Hanoi – How to choose your most suitable one

Hanoi is a big city, and a tourist city also; last year, the place host over 5.74 million international arrivals, and there are hundreds, maybe thousands of hotel for you to choose. But what’s the best for your client? I’m not talking about price here, the price is negotiable, and at the same place, there is a price range for all similar hotel. I’m talking about positions, quality, customers of every hotel, and some element that you will find it useful.

First, let’s talk about position: the city is now pretty big, and include 12 central districts, with a historical center. Inbound tour operators who work with European paxs usually use hotels within, or around the historical center, with maximum 2km of distance, because European paxs often try to discover the site themselves by walking, or having dinner, for a beer, or just enjoy the place. Instead, hotels for Asian paxs often a little bit far from historical center, where located the Chinese-Korean-Japanese town about 5-8km from the historical center. So if you’re a travel agency from European, stick with the hotels in the center.

Second, another information about position: according to the regular, all hotel within historical center must not have a real window, which mean an open-out window, whether it’s a 5 star hotel or just a guest house they can only have fake one, or just something for a little air and light. If you try to send your client to the inner of the 36 street quartier, you must know that information and tell your client before hand. Some 3 star central hotel try to put on a balcony on rooftop room, that’s also against the regular, but if they do it in not-so-obvious-way. 5 star hotels are usually pretty spacious so they have enough space for a balcony that open up to the inner side of the hotel; but you will see, there is no 5 star hotel right between the narrow streets in the historical center, they’re mostly 3 stars.

An example: the Church hotels: there are 6 of Church hotels, all of them are boutique 3 star with very good quality of service, locate in the center, with small façade, and in most of them, the Superior room are with super small, for just without window.

A little outside, 4 stars are numerous, but the closer to the center, the pricier they are, fair enough right?

In the center, you will have some disadvantage for your client too: due to very narrow street, the car have to drop paxs from the head of the street, then a bell person, or paxs themselves, have to carry their own luggage in, well that’s sometimes unacceptable for some paxs. But for some paxs, they simply prefer the authenticity of the place.

Finally, for customers: in some hotel I visited, or look at their online pictures, I find a very strange wardrobe in the lobby, where they put all kind of pillows, that’s where Japanese stay; in some hotel I see a large variety of Chinese food, some, with the chopstick always available on their table – that’s how you know where their main customers are.

Those are some tips to choose a right hotel even if you don’t know much about the city. Please share with me your opinions!

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