About us


It is Magnolia Travel’s pledge, with passion and enthusiasm, to provide our customers with true values by products of our company’s character and fine services. Based on our profound experience in tourism spreading from FIT to GIT, from M.I.C.E to hospitality, from tour guides to salesmen and markers, we proudly declare that we understand the business comprehensively to work seriously and effectively. Our knowledge is shown in every single product, such as descriptions, documents, newsletter provided to clients. If you would like to know more about our philosophy, please click HERE to contact us. You will be responded within 24 hours. Magnolia Travel thank you for your attention, and hope to welcome you in nearest future!



  • Our staffs are experienced and knowledgeable in business, passionate in work, and honest to clients
  • We understand our clients’ needs to offer the most suitable products
  • We are willing to bring you any support regarding our destinations
  • We follow every service carefully to ensure client’s satisfaction

Magnolia Travel commits to deliver the best services with most reasonable prices to our clients. Thanks to the active, passionate and experienced staff in tourism industry, we believe that any customer will be satisfied. Beside the responsibilities in work, passion in products, Magnolia Travel also head towards honesty and sound skills. With credent and good relationships with domestic and international partners, we pledge that all services designed by Magnolia Travel will come with most preferential prices. Always listening and understanding the likings of each client group, and searching as well as creating new products, we will update tourism products such as destinations, hotels, transportation… which fit every characters of oriented market.



  • Honesty: we fully aware that honesty is fundamental in every serious business, and make it one of our principles
  • Humanity: we bring human to the center of every trip that’s why we commit to the best and most caring services
  • Emotionality: we don’t just sell trips, we also bring about unforgettable emotions, experience, memories
  • Responsibility: with each attraction, tourists will not only stay and visit, but also discover and help preserve the cultural and natural heritages

Being keenly aware of the specialty of tourism industry, we put human to the center of all products and services. The human factors are not only clients but also Magnolia Travel’s staff, suppliers, tour guides, local people. Our ultimate goal is the highest satisfaction for all. Magnolia Travel’s staff believes to bring clients most memorable experience. We don’t sell trips, we sell EMOTIONS, MEMORIES, JOYS, EXPERIENCE in each destination.




Founder - Managing director 

"Many people tell me I'm too Italian, in fact I'm too Vietnamese. I love Italy as I love my country. I want to bring the most authentic high quality beauties of Vietnam to Italy and vice versa"





         Co-founder - Business Development Director 

"Working as Travel specialist in Indochina for more than 8 years, I have only one aim to connect people and places cutting distance and preserving locality"