The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, known as Vietnam, is one of the oldest country in South East Asia. Although this country is ravaged by many wars which causes serious damages and influences its culture, Vietnam in the eyes of the whole world is still peaceful.

  • Location: shares the borders with China to the North, Laos to the West and Cambodia to the Southwest.
  • Area: 331,212 km2
  • Population: 97,302,641 in 2019
  • Religion: Folk, Buddhism, Christianity, Caodaism, Hoahaoism.
  • Capital: Ha Noi
  • Largest city: Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)
  • Spoken Language: Vietnamese
  • Currency: Vietnam Dong – VND ( US$ 1 = 23, 000 VND – May 2019)
  • Time Zone: UTC + 7 (Vietnam Standard Time)



  • Saying “Xin Chao” instead of “Hello” and “Cam On” instead of “Thank you” with your smile – it will indicate that you really respect them and feel extremely grateful to them.
  • Dressing conservatively and showing respect when entering temples, pagodas or churches.
  • Take off your shoes before entering Vietnamese’s home or religious grounds.
  • Asking permission before taking pictures Don’t follow people around and try to avoid snapping photos of them doing personal things like bathing. Show the photo to them after you’ve taken it.
  • Protecting the environment – Refusing to buy wildlife or plastic products.
  • Removing unnecessary jewellery as it shows that you have money, and could make you a target of theft.
  • Keeping your bag safe you should hold your bag in front of you wrapped around your shoulder so that you are not a victim of a drive-by bag snatcher.
  • Negotiating and getting a fixed price
  • Paying attention to around things and using eye contact with approaching drivers is the first important thing when crossing the road. 
  • Don’t express the affection of lovers in public.
  • Don’t show confrontational attitude towards local people





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